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Deutsch: Carbon Tweak Stange für die Awesomatix Tourenwagen der A700 und A800 Serie! Diese... mehr
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Carbon Tweak Stange für die Awesomatix Tourenwagen der A700 und A800 Serie! Diese Carbon Tweak Stange hat ihre Druckpunkte genau auf Höhe der Diffs was sich beim festschrauben des Topdecks extrem positiv bemerkbar macht. Man kann den Tweak Stick mit dem normalen Topdeck und dem vertikalen Topdeck verwenden, auch grosse Hauptzahnräder stören nicht!

Die Qualität ist wie immer bei RC MAKER unfassbar gut und das Werkzeug wird wohl ein Leben lang halten.


This is our brand new carbon fibre tweak stick for the Awesomatix A800 and A700 touring cars. Featuring a full carbon fibre construction, it is lightweight and disassembles for easy transportation. The tweak stick aids to pin the car down onto a flat surface with a single hand, whilst tightening the top deck screws with your other hand.

Due to Awesomatix’s unique design not having shock towers, the tool utilises extension plates which exert even pressure onto the bulkheads left and right, front and rear. The design locates the extensions onto the bulkhead using locating lugs, which makes it quick, easy and accurate to use. Thick O-rings simply locate the extensions in place, which can be adjusted in distance to your desire. Not requiring removal of anything to use, the strong carbon tube clears all spur gear sizes, as well as the antenna tube and belt tensioner. Fits both AM19-2 and AM19-4 Upper Bulkhead Caps, and Standard C27X topdeck and VTD on the A800, and all top-deck configurations on the A700 without diff covers.The carbon is super strong and durable, as are the thick locating O-rings.

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