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Arrowmax Differential Lube Grease 5g

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  • AM-210211
Arrowmax grease for the balls and discs of ball differentials! In every remote controlled... more
Arrowmax Differential Lube Grease 5g

Arrowmax grease for the balls and discs of ball differentials!

In every remote controlled RC model there are many moving parts. Cardan shafts and joints, blades, steering knuckles, axle pins and other suspension parts as well as gear wheels and ball differentials. All of these parts require some lubrication. The right grease will keep the parts moving longer, and another positive aspect of using grease is the longer life of the components due to reduced friction. So there is a lot to be said for using a good grease on your model car
There are many different greases on the market and it is easy to lose track of which grease to use where. Here in advance: You can't really make a mistake when choosing a grease. However, there are special greases for ball differentials and their thrust bearings. The use of such grease is also recommended here. For all other parts, people often simply choose according to brand, quantity or even the appearance of the grease and its packaging!

Pro tip: "When using grease, it's all about the right dose. Too much grease attracts dust, dirt, and tire wear, and even provides an opposite effect. So always remember: as much grease as necessary, but as little as possible!"

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