Claim / Warranty

At time of transfer of risk, ToniSport GmbH guarantees that all goods are free from material defects in accordance with §§434, 435 BGB. However, should there be any cause for complaints, please fill out the form below completely and as detailed as possible. After submitting this form you will receive information about the further procedure quickest possible.

In case of a defect, the customer can in accordance with §439 BGB either demand the repair of the defect or the delivery of a defect-free product. According to §439 BGB, Tonisport GmbH can refuse the buyers´ chosen type of fulfillment, if this is possible only at disproportionate costs.
In case a defect-free product has been delivered provided for the purpose of remedy, the buyer can be required to return the defective item to ToniSport GmbH. If in the course of a repair a defect cannot be remedied even at the second attempt, the customer is entitled according to §439 BGB to demand the delivery of a defect-free item, to reduce the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract. The withdrawel is excluded if the defect is minor and insignificant.

The warranty period is two years and begins with the delivery of the goods at the customer. A prerequisite for warranty claims is that the defect is not due to misuse or overuse. If a defect appears later than 6 months after delivery, the customer has to prove that the product was defective at transfer of risk. Otherwise, ToniSport GmbH is free to prove that the product was free of defects at delivery. Regardless of the warranty is the guarantee granted by the manufacturer. For more details please refer to the warranty conditions attached to each product.

With regard to any claims for damages due to defects of the goods, the statutory provisions apply.

Claim / Warranty
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