Infinity Car Kit

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INFINITY is the “newest” brand for remote controlled cars… Our philosophy and main focus for... mehr
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INFINITY is the “newest” brand for remote controlled cars… Our philosophy and main focus for this brand is to “run better”: attentive tests on characteristics and materials of every part we designed give to our products the absolute perception of quality “out of the box”. We realize these items not only to win races all over the world but, mostly, to give at all our customers the chance to deeply “enjoy” their tracktime and their hobby moments. To reach our target we refuse any sort of compromise addressing our production-line totally in Japan. INFINITY express the spirit of Japanese craftmanship and it will continue creating new products for the satisfaction of our customers.
Enjoy and “have fun” with INFINITY!!!

Realized from a premium high-quality aircraft 7075 T6 aluminium alloy is 6mm thick that assures maximum strength and stiffness to increase cornering speed. CNC machined and lightweight in strategic areas it allows the position of engine, fuel tank and battery very close to the ground for lowering CG position. The outer edges of the chassis have been beveled to provide the correct ground clearance during cornering. Design features allow the placement of additional weights to adjust the balance of the car. Carbon fiber battery plate is included.

Shocks are designed to improve traction and steering characteristics with flawless travel movement. Shock body is realized with a premium 7075 T6 aluminum and treated hard molybdenum coating. Pistons realized from special Delrin™ material have been optimized for front and rear with different holes. O-ring supporting piston shaft has “X-type” cross section.

Creation Model Ltd. developed an advanced race-oriented suspension geometry for his Infinity nitro on-road models to provide maximum grip efficiency during traveling and assuring best responsive effects in cornering. Geometry is fully adjustable moving the bushings, spacers and plates provided in the box. All molded parts are realized with a special composite compound to reach the best performance without compromising the durability of the items. Stabilizer is a plano-wire type.

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