XRAY T4 2017 1/10 Chassis

XRAY T4 2017 1/10 Chassis
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Xray have introduced the 2017 version of their highly successful T4 touring car platform. TQ... mehr
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Xray have introduced the 2017 version of their highly successful T4 touring car platform. TQ holder and vice-champion at the recent IFMAR Electric On-road World Championship in China in the hands of Bruno Coelho the T4’17 features a number of subtle changes – when compared to the 2016 car – that mainly focus adding a range of additional chassis flex settings. The kit builds on a new carbon fibre chassis plate that received updates to adapt to the numerous Multi-Flex settings accessible with the 2017 car.

86mm wide and cut from high-quality 2.2mm carbon fibre the chassis features pre-drilled mounting positions for the new chassis backbone, optional balance weights, a graphite motor guard and adjustable battery mounts. It also sports mirrored motor cut outs for the ultimate in symmetry.

New to the 2017 edition is the In-Line Chassis Flex feature, the most significant and important improvement to the car. With an all-new motor mount and servo mount design the overall stiffness of the chassis can be adjusted by using an inner carbon fibre plate that connects the motor mount and servo mount with additional screw holes allowing to utilise a total of five different flex settings. The brace reduces both chassis pitch but also torsional flex with an optional linkage allowing to access yet another setting with stiff pitch but soft torsional flex characteristics – the latter being a hot ticket at the worlds

Next up is the new floating servo mount that now incorporates three mounting screws and two centring pins each side. The latter prevents the mount from moving under heavy load and during crashes, resulting in improved consistency even when the going gets tough on the track. Beside the new mounting location for the In-Line Flex system the mount also incorporates a thread to attach an inner stop for the LiPo battery.

Also part of the updated steering and chassis package is the new floating steering system. A now-standard on the ’17, the assembly allows to widely adjust the front flex of the chassis. The floating steering system is disconnected from the chassis and works fully independently without affecting flex. This makes the car easier to drive in high-traction conditions, while chassis roll is reduced especially when clipping curbs. The car also handles better on bumpy tracks.

New to the 2017 kit are relocated steering bellcrank posts that now sit 1mm further to the back for an improved Ackermann geometry and a wider range of Ackermann adjustments.

A favourite among the team, graphite composite A-arms, are now also part of the package with the stronger parts making for improved performance and better consistency in a variety of track conditions. The arms are fully interchangeable with the standard 1-hole arms for an even wider setup window.

Part of the comprehensive flex adjustment features on the T4’17 are also redesigned centre layshaft bulkheads. 1mm lower the enclosed-design parts allow to run the car without centre bulkhead/top deck screws which results in a softer flex setting. The design allows for three different flex settings of soft, medium and stiff, depending on the amount of screws used.

Coming with a new design and concept is the new motor mount plate, which is part of the motor mount. It features a new extra hole for the In-Line Chassis Flex adjustment and it connects to the chassis via an M3 nut and an extra countersunk screw that can be placed ahead of the nut if less flex is needed. Additionally, the nut can be removed and one of two holes behind the nut can be used as extra flex adjustment options. The motor mount bulkhead is connected to the chassis by two screws under the layshaft, and the front mounting screw is now positioned in a more forward position.

Last but not least comes the new front bumper that received updates both in terms of material and design. Expanding more towards the front the bumper allows to run front mounted bodyshells without the need to use additional foam as it is often seen in high-class racing. The new material makes the bumper lighter for less effects on the overall balance while still offering exceptional body and chassis protection. The 2017 version of the ETS 2015/16 double champion will hit the stores by the time you read this.

2017 features:
– All-new chassis design
– All-new inline flex adjustment
– All-new servo mount system
– All-new floating steering system
– All-new Ackermann position
– All-new graphite arms
– All-new layshaft bulkhead
– All-new motor mount bulkhead
– All-new motor mount plate
– All-new bumper
– Improved traction
– Improved steering characteristics


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