Yokomo YRX12 1/12 2WD Racing Car Kit

Yokomo YRX12 1/12 2WD Racing Car Kit
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  • YOK-YR-X12
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The YRX12 features an all - new front suspension design. The double wishbone... mehr
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The YRX12 features an all-new front suspension design. The double wishbone suspension used on previous Yokomo 1/12 chassis’ has been revised to improve high speed cornering as well as ease of set up and maintenance and the new pushrod design has been developed to provide better cornering stability. Adjustable roll centre and track width settings remain for fine tuning of handling balance, whilst the previously used anti-roll bar has been removed to simplify the system and reduce weight. A sliding upper bulkhead arrangement makes adjustments to the caster angle easy, whilst the bulkheads and pivot balls can be spaced up or down to introduce reactive castor to the system and fine tune the roll centre.

Users of the YRX12 will be able to choose between direct or bell crank steering arrangements, with servo mounting hardware included in the kit for both options.

 The main chassis features new carbon fibre material and its shape has been designed to increase stiffness. A wheelbase increase of 4mm over the previous R12 model should also contribute to high speed stability, whilst a bigger bore centre damper improves rear grip with optional length settings to further tune handling balance.

Big bore side dampers are supplied to provide more consistent damping, improved stability throughout cornering and with the ability to run for longer between rebuilds.

An all-new centre pivot housing features a slotted design to eliminate binding in the rear suspension and longer side links provide more grip and smoother roll transition.

The YRX12 also features a new rear pod design with lowered bulkheads and motor mount offset for perfect lateral weight distribution. The open design also makes motor access quick and easy.

New rear wheels feature a more conventional 2.5mm offset to permit use on other manufacturers’ cars and subsequently other manufacturers wheels can also be used on the YRX12. The rear wheel diameter has been decreased by 0.7mm whilst the front wheel diameter is 0.3mm larger.


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